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March 4, 2021

Boat vacations: the best tips to make it eco-sustainable

Do you want to increase your boat rental experience by turning your boat holiday into an eco-friendly boat holiday?

Then we can give you some practical tips to make your holiday as sustainable as possible without sacrificing luxury.

All charters organized by Your Boat Holiday offer the possibility to be set up and organized with various eco-experiences, i.e. eco-sustainable activities.

The prerequisite is that any of our gestures can make a difference, be it small or large. Some observations apply both on land and offshore. Leading a life with gestures respectful of the environment does not mean giving up the pleasures of life, on the contrary, it means respecting it to make the best of it.

We then find out what precautions to follow to make your boat holiday more sustainable and respectful of nature.

Practical tips to organize an eco-friendly holiday

We organize a galley with excellent products.

When you are on vacation you can eat local foods and specialties comfortably on board the boat. Your Boat Holiday is able to respond to this need by organizing and preparing your galley with local products, if requested with ORGANIC products, produced as much as possible at km0, but above all trying to avoid supermarket packaging. It will be possible to prepare the galley with high quality agri-food products respecting the customer’s needs.

Remember that one of the principles of eco-sustainable holidays is precisely to give added value to the local economy and value the territory wisely. The aim is to make local companies known by enhancing the agri-food offer and making the territories, tourist resources and services present in the territory usable.

You can make sure that the detergents and detergents you use on board are environmentally friendly.

We reduce the consumption of disposable plastic

One thing that can have a lot of impact on the sustainability of our cruise is garbage management. We are committed to drastically reducing the amount of waste produced, differentiating it and disposing of it correctly. Say no to disposable paper or plastic plates, glasses and cutlery. All these products are not biodegradable. Choosing to use stainless steel or wood cutlery and cutlery will save money and environment. Think about it for a moment: we can do without plastic bottles, domopack cartons and straws, anywhere, not just by boat.

It is always better to rely on reusable products and friends of the environment. For example, paper napkins can simply be replaced with washable towels, plastic bottles with thermal water bottles.

Fancy souvenirs? We use our heads

We all love to buy souvenirs, it is nice to have some memories that bind us to the experience lived or to give something nice to those we love. Again, our every choice can make a difference. Let’s pay attention to what we buy! We prefer artisanal, fair-trade products that can have meaning and not those souvenirs that, in a short time, become new waste.

Every gesture makes a difference

As you can see there are many ways to preserve the environment, even choosing a vehicle already friendly to the sea and nature such as the sailing catamaran, or hybrid boats.

But we make the real difference if we are aware of the fragility of our planet and the way we live it.

Respect for the environment on holiday will make it pleasant and fun for everyone, a good example for children who learn to give the right value to things but also to individual actions. So, if you leave the boat and go for a walk on land, follow the right style: take waste with you, only get rid of it if you can differentiate, use plastic as little as possible, avoid disposable plastic.

If you have decided to rent a boat for the next holiday we can anticipate that this choice will be a moment of encounter, dialogue and discovery for you and your family. If you then live this experience as an opportunity to bring you and the little ones closer to respecting not only the environment but life itself then you will be a little rich,certainly more satisfied. Life on the boat is a moment of teaching, conscience and knowledge therefore 360 degree training.

Choosing for your holidays to rent a boat means choosing respect for the environment and bio-diversity; it means rediscovering the value of conviviality and the relationship with nature; means approaching eco-sustainability as a way of life.

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