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February 5, 2021

Discovering the Agrigento Coast aboard a boat


Boat tours are the best way to discover the bays’ beauty and the most suggestive beaches of the Sicilian coast. We invite you onboard our yachts and motorboats, equipped with every comfort, for a beautiful holiday.

We will take you to the Scala dei Turchi, the Platani river reserve, Capo Bianco, Sciacca, the WWF Nature Reserve, Portopalo and Selinunte.

By choosing to rent a yacht in Sicily, you can sail along the splendid coast of Agrigento and discover its many beauties.

The most interesting but above all best-known place in the area is the Scala Dei Turchi, in Realmonte. It is a real white rock wall that overlooks the remarkably blue sea and rises, with giant steps, between two fine sand beaches. The color contrast is spectacular.

According to an ancient legend, during the Moors’ invasion, the Turks used these natural stairs to reach Sicily. The name of the place, therefore, derives from this episode.


Thanks to the boat rental service you can visit this particular place arriving by sea. The effect is excellent, as is the scenario you will have in front of your eyes.

Once at your destination, it will be possible to drop anchor for refreshing dips and swims and for those who wish, even snorkeling.

Whatever model of boat you decide to rent, whether it is a motorboat, a catamaran, or a luxury yacht, Sicily’s southern coast will surprise you for its cultural and landscape heritage, for the hospitality that the islanders know how to give and for good food. And for wine lovers, we can say that according to the famous American magazine “Wine enthusiast“, the island is defined as “a paradise for wine lovers”.

Sicily contains superlative wealth; those who have the luck and the pleasure of grasping its beauty can consider themselves a little ‘richer’.

During your cruise in southern Sicily, do not miss the Torre Salsa Nature Reserve, a protected area located between Siculiana Marina and Eraclea Minoa, protected by the WWF. The reserve has by one of the few dune environments left on the island.


Spending a few hours in this place for swimming and relaxation will be a real panacea, here time has stopped, and you will feel part of nature like never before.

It will be possible to reach Marina di Ragusa. The fine sandy beach of Portopalo is grandiose and unique, located in the center of a natural amphitheater of the coast on the Sicilian Channel. Porto Palo was the ancient eastern port of Selinunte and has been awarded the Blue Flag 24 times by the FEE (Foundation for Environmental Education).

Finally, suppose you have decided to rent a boat and live in this corner of paradise, at least for a few days. In that case, you cannot miss Punta Bianca, a beach that is part of the Costa Bianca of Agrigento and characterized by the bright colors typical of southern Sicily.

And finally, the cruise will end with a stay at sea near Sciacca: a seaside, tourist and spa town, rich in monuments and churches. It is known for the historic Carnival, ceramics, bluefish production, and good food. Attract all sailors like mermaids with sailors. It offers from the boat a breathtaking and unique view, from which it is possible to see its monuments and its history.



If you book by March 31st, you are entitled to a 10% discount, and you can book now without worries. A deposit of 20% to 40% of the cruise amount is sufficient to be able to option it. A deposit of 20% to 30% of the cruise amount is sufficient to be able to option it.

You can change the departure date for free. In the event of cancellation due to government restrictions for coronavirus, a voucher of the amount paid is issued to reschedule the charter date.

SicilyBoatRentals works every day to ensure you the best experiences in total safety.

Contact us to book without worries! Our cancellation policies are flexible and advantageous! Find out by asking us for a personalized quote.

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