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May 25, 2021

Egadi Islands Boat Itinerary for a holiday in one of the most beautiful archipelagos in Sicily

itinerario in barca isole Egadi

Choosing to rent a boat is the best way to experience the Egadi Archipelago

Several possibilities to reach this corner of paradise, the main ports are: Marsala and Trapani.

The first thing to think about is the Galley. More and more people are turning to us to have already on board a galley with excellent products such as km0 products, Bioproducts, and local raw material.

After thinking about the galley a small and intense briefing of the commander on the operation of the boat’s facilities, the management of onboard life and the itinerary. To welcome you to the port the cabin crew.

We also add a note for the increasing demand on a very heartfelt subject. In fact, holidays in the name of eco-sustainability is becoming a growing demand, we at Sicily Boat Rentals, always attentive and sensitive to this topic can organize your holiday respecting the fundamental principles to make the trip as sustainable as possible. Ask us what and how we can meet your expectations regarding eco-sustainable holidays.

Travel itinerary: 7 days by boat to discover the Egadi

isole egadi in barca

Day 1 – Porto

Your holiday begins, the first night you pass in port so as to familiarize yourself with the spaces of the boat. Whatever the port of departure, Trapani or Marsala, it will be an evening of good humor in a unique atmosphere. Sicily and Sicilians know well what it means to enjoy life and you will immediately taste a relaxed and jovial climate.

Day 2-3: Favignana

Respecting your needs we will establish a departure time, we usually organize to leave the port early so as to have all day available to admire and ‘live’ in a beautiful and renowned place. First stage Favignana.

The Island of   Favignanais called by all the pearl of the Archipelago of     the Egadi Islands,it is an explosion of true beauty where you can immerse yourself in crystal clear waters and explore romantic   caves.

Of course, what Favignana is remembered for by every visitor is undoubtedly the   sea, uncontaminated and with beautiful nuances.  

Two days of carefree swims in one of the most beautiful seas in the Mediterranean, hidden and exclusive bays for moments of pure relaxation.

You will appreciate every aspect of the island and fall in love with the atmosphere that overwhelms every tourist at sunset. Being able to dine on your boat, wrapped in a light that you have never seen, will really be a unique emotion. A memory that you will keep for a long time.

Day 4-5: Marettimo

Marettimo preserves a very precious vegetative and faunal heritage as well as pristine and crystal clear waters.   In fact there is no shortage of small and wonderful bays, some reachable only by boat.

Day 6: Levanzo

Levanzo is known as the smallest of the three EgadiIslands, it is the mostpicturesque island of all,devoid of any road network,  brings visitors back to ancient times, in fact the main attraction of this place is the Grotta del   Genovese. This cave preserves some valuable prehistoric artifacts.

At sunset we will start setting sail towards the port, where our week by boat ends.
The departure time is decided according to the destination, i.e. the port chosen.

Day 7: Port of Marsala or Port of Trapani

A greeting that always brings with it a little melancholy for the precious time shared.

Boat rental service in Sicily

Sicily, as well as Sardinia, is also confirmed for 2021 as one of the most sought-after destinations for international tourism. Boat rental service is increasingly required for an exclusive holiday of comfort, relaxation and safety.

The boat rental service such as yachts, catamarans, top-level sailboats and the beautiful natural context, make the Archipelago of the Egadi Islands a unique corner able to project the tourist into a magical world.

If you want to organize an exclusive boat holiday then we recommend a charter on board a wonderful charter yacht with crew.
Sicily Boat Rentals is
a leading company in the rental of boats, yachts, catamarans in Sicily.


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