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Lagoon 500 Milazzo

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Aeolian Islands, Lipari, Messina, Milazzo, Panarea, Portorosa, Salina, Sicily, Stromboli, Taormina, Vulcano,

Boat Description

The Lagoon 500 Milazzo may be “only” 51 feet long, but it’s a catamaran: The sails are big, and the gear is beefy and heavily loaded. If the prospective crew doesn’t include a couple of young, athletic types, the electric winches aren’t really an option, a sentiment shared by Harvey, who says, “The Lagoon 500 Milazzo is equivalent to a 75-foot monohull in every aspect, from sail plan to living space belowdecks.” For that reason, he insists that all his dealers recommend the electric option for the primary winches as well as the mainsheet/traveler winch, all of which were installed on the test boat.
With sheets eased, the Lagoon 500 Milazzo behaved as though 20 knots of wet wind were nothing, zooming along at 10 knots and over, steady as a ferryboat, and giving a preview of how it would devour the passages that lie between the Caribbean’s Windward Islands. It was also a little disconcerting, because from the elevated bridge, it was impossible to see rapidly approaching hazards behind the jib. A simple remedy is to post a crew member in one of the bow-pulpit seats to enjoy a fine ride while keeping the necessary lookout. “To the issue of seeing hazardous objects,” points out Harvey, “the genoa is equipped with a clear window to allow the helmsman to see through.”
On the wind, the boat is a little less agile, which is more a function of the type in general than it is of this boat in particular. The Lagoon 500 Milazzo has fixed keels and not daggerboards, so it won’t cling terribly close to the wind, and the rapid loss of momentum when you turn two hulls into the wind means tacking lacks the drama it creates on a fin-keeled monohull. We did notice that the big cat handled the chop very well. Lagoon’s designers, Marc Van Peteghem and Vincent Lauriot Prévost, have been studying the interaction between waves and the hulls and bridgedeck of cruising catamarans. The Lagoon 500 embodies the results of their research in the gull-wing configuration that fairs the hulls into a nacelle molded under the centerline of the bridgedeck.
To get an idea of what it’s supposed to do, I peered through the escape hatch in the aft stateroom. Given the underlying wave train, the wind waves, and the bow waves off each hull, there was a lot going on, but whenever it appeared that a wave was big enough to slam into the bridge deck, the center of the gull wing deflected it with a gentler impact. I don’t know what the motion would be like in a sloppy ocean seaway, but on Chesapeake Bay in a moderate northeast blow, it was very comfortable.
Pushed by a pair of 75-horsepower Yanmars with saildrives, the Lagoon was among the quieter third of the boats we tested in CW’s 2006 BOTY contest. At 2,800 rpm, she made 8.3 knots and generated 75 decibels of noise in the main saloon; at 3,400 rpm, she made 9.1 knots and 78 decibels. The boat also comes powered by a pair of 55-horsepower Volvos.
If the word “lagoon” conjures an image of cool tranquility, it’s manifested inside the bridge deck saloon. The absence of angular “speed” shapes might have something to do with it. Lagoon 500 Milazzo has stuck to its rectangular, vertical windows, now firmly established as a brand identifier, because when compared with windows on a slope, they allow less direct sunlight, and therefore heat, to enter the boat. They also allow full headroom around the perimeter of the saloon, and the style permits mounting grabrails on the exterior at a height someone walking on the side decks can easily reach.
From the interior, the windows give the saloon a sedate feeling; they’re not trying to make it look as though the boat’s going 35 knots. Coupled with the simply styled yet nicely made furniture, which includes a handsome expandable table, they create a relaxing atmosphere. On a boat yet to receive its owner’s impress, it was a little clinical perhaps, but the basic decor of dark mahogany bulkheads and trim set off by white gelcoat surfaces lends itself to many interpretations. Someone who knows how to work with fabrics and seaworthy decorations could make it cozy, charming, or showy at will.
The galley is “up” but set down a step to bring the cook’s head near to the same level as seated company, which also provides him or her with a view outside without stooping. It’s not a large space, but it’s backed up by an adjacent pantry area in the port hull that provides extra work surfaces and storage.
To starboard of the galley is the nav station and a duplicate set of engine controls so the boat can be driven from inside, something it might be very nice to do on a dreary, wet, windless day when steering from the flybridge would be better for the complexion than for the spirits. These controls need protection–it’s too easy for curious fingers, whether of BOTY personnel or children, to render the helmsman above impotent. But, Harvey points out, “The engine controls are quite high, out of reach of a child. The Raymarine joystick won’t engage until you depress the button at the top. Before that, moving the joystick from side to side won’t have any impact on the steering.”

From January 1st to Aprile 29th 2017: 6.500,00 Euro per Week
From April 29th to June 3rd 2017: 8.500,00 Euro per Week
From June 3rd to June 24th 2017: 10.000,00 Euro per Week
From June 24th to July 29th: 12.000,00 Euro per Week
From July 29th to August 26th 2017: 13.500,00 Euro per Week
From August 26th to September 16th 2017: 10.000,00 Euro per Week
From September 16th to October 14th 2017: 8.500,00 Euro per Week
From October 14th to December 31st 2017: 6.500,00 Euro per Week

Check in : Saturday at 17.00
Check out: Saturday at 9.00

– Insurance “All Risk” and RC (franchise deposit) –
– Tender – highfield 4,20 mt + honda 40 hp
– Fishing equipment –
– Kayak –
– Snorkeling equipment (fins, masks) –
– Water Toys –
– Seadoo – seascooter –
– Spi / mps / gennaker / code0 –
– Car parking

– Skipper 150,00 Euro perday (till 5 pax) – 180,00 Euro per day (+ 5 pax)
– Hostess / steward 100,00 Euro per day (till 5 pax) – 130,00 Euro per day (+ 5 pax)
– Ports, parks
– Transfers to and from airport
– Fuel: boat engines, genset and tender
– Food and beverage (also for crew)
– Deposit 3.000,00 Euro (credit card or cash)
– Final cleaning 200,00 Euro
– Set of bed linen / towels (towels bathrobe + sea towel + toilet courtesy kit) 50,00 Euro per cabin

Apply only on price boat not on the services offered:
– 2 weeks 5%,
– 3 weeks or more 10% (the third week.)
– early booking (Nov. 30) 10% – July 5% – August no discount
– early booking (Jan. 31) 5% August no discount

Payments: 50% on booking – Balance 30 days before boarding

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Boat Price
Price per night: EUR 929
Minimum no of nights: 7
Booking starts/ends only on: Saturday
Boat Base
Address: Lungomare Garibaldi
County: Italy
State: Italy
Zip: 98057
Country: Italy
Boat Details
Property ID: 2820
Property Size: 51 2
Rooms: 8
Bedrooms: 4
Bathrooms: 4
Check-in Hour: 17.00
Check-Out Hour: 09.00


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EUR 929 per night

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Sicilyboatrentals is the Charter Company specialized in private boat charters in Sicily, that organizes rentals aboard motor yachts, catamarans, sailboats, and gulets from the main bases of Sicily and South Italy. Thanks to in-depth knowledge of all the yachts in the area and to the ten-year cooperation only with certified boat owners and partners, Sicilyboatrentals ensure top quality services, meeting the highest standards and exceeding all the expectations. Our Charter Brokers oversee every step of the planning process and monitor every aspect of the charter experience. We liaise with the yacht’s Crew and Base Managers to ensure all requests are noted and executed. We are perfectly placed to help you determine your desired yacht charter experiences, making your dreams come true. Moreover, Sicilyboatrentals manage a fleet of boats available for charter in Sicily.

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EUR 929 per night