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December 11, 2017

Reconnoiter Sicily’s ‘Hiera’ through a Magmatic Trip in Vulcano Island!

trip-in-vulcanoVulcano Islands- the closest isle to Sicily is nothing less than an ancient ‘Hiera’!  A Pearl of This Modern Century, this place of raving beauty embodies a spectacle beyond time. Perhaps the only satiating way to explore this great delight is via a Vulcano boat rental. Those done before opine- ‘One can never quite free one-self from the nostalgia, it inflicts upon your soul.’

A Phenomenon:

Vulcano Island forms up of 5 magmatic structures. They merge and present the place its present shape and conformation. Constantly being in contact with volcanic activity, it is almost 2 thousand years old. 

But despite its recent emissions of lapilli and ash, this isle veils plenty of bare but breath-taking landscapes. And from the year 2000 onwards, it has been a happy hunting habituation for numerous itinerants across the domain.

To explore the majestic beauty of its pristine beaches and therapeutic properties, simply take up a Vulcano boat rental and cruise across its scenic appeal.

Embarking on Vulcano Islands:

From Stromboli, you can take a boat rental or a hydrofoil. Now, this depends from those who want the acrid sniff of Sulphur to those who desire romanticizing across the transparent azure waters.

Boat Rentals to Vulcano pretty much charge the same and so it would be wise to get your tickets from notable tour companies for convenient departure timings. However, things do differentiate when one looks at the prices and departure timings as per seasons.

The primary port for all Aeolian including Vulcano isles is Milazzo. However, there are other boat tee-off spots to reach Vulcano. Those are namely –Lipari, Panarea, Naples and Cefalu.

Rendezvous at Vulcano Islands:

Although there are endless things to do when you disembark at Vulcano Islands all year long, you need to understand that temperature and rainfall both play a very crucial role here.

Summer, is the peak-time to visit this part of Sicily via boat. But as a good tip, it would be best to not go during its peak season. Rather, book your trip to Vulcano during September. The sea will still be warm, but the surrounding ambience will be cordial and welcoming.

Winters are primarily for locals and it’s that time when most facilities shut down.

Its Magnetism and Activities:

Lovers of photography will find everything they wish to get the magma fingers around. Capo Grill, consisting of wild and wide landscapes is an excellent spot to kick start your tour.

Set your boats ashore, wet your feet in its clear waters and reach the coastline to soak up some sun and gaze at the vista.

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Porto of Levante– This is another primary Vulcano Island hub consisting of an ever popular mud bath. Peak season or not, you will find cardinals halting their hydrofoils or motor boats at a distance, reaching the beach and healing their skin in this mud bath.

However, before that, don’t miss to catch glimpses of one of Vulcanic Islands’ startling magnetism- The Gurgle of Marine Waters!

The ‘Valley of Mostri’; is another region where you have to check out through your boat trip. When you reach the shore, you will find bizarre shape lava stones greeting you with spiritually open arms!

Some mystic shapes of animals or figures will also catch your eyes. And as you move towards the Southern part of the Island, don’t forget to take a plunge into the amazing Asino Beach waters.

Water sports or languidly floating upon its calm waters is something you will find many doing. So, simply join the gang.

And of course, if you take up a boat tour don’t dare to forget to check out Port Of Ponente. This joins with the Port of Levante through one narrow land strip. At this place, the sea takes up a wonderful emerald color. This is a sheer sight to savour!

On similar terms is the ‘Vulcanello’, a small crater where eruptions have taken place time after time.

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Tangs and Sips:

Sea food is predominant in Vulcano Isles. Tuna, Sardines, Anchovies, Swordfish, Prawns and Clams are available as meals on rental boats.

‘Caponata’ is one sweet and sour dish which is very popular in Sicily. It will be a must include on your boat menu. Chickpea Fritters, Pasta Alla Norma, and Pasta con Tenerumi also embellish the menu cards.

‘Birra Moretti’ is a common beer which is available on every floater. And other beverages include classic Sicilian wines. Its wines are made using Grillo, Grecian Ico and Inzolia grapes and they combine with Sauvignon Blanc, a touch of Viognier and Chardonnay.

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Hail and Sail across its Magmatic Vista:

A Vulcano boat rental expedition just begs your exploration. With good sceneries, delicious food and exquisite wine- your time there will be nothing short of amazement. Book your boat now and give your heart a reason to feel proud of you.

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