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December 13, 2017

‘Rendezvous with Sicily will bring to mind an encounter with the Divine’

Architectural allures, lavishing landscapes and rugged coastline, these form some of the regal magnetisms of Sicily Isles. Numerous travellicious enthusiasts having already got a savour of its mystic scenery via Sicily boat rentals opine

‘Seeing Italy without seeing Sicily means you haven’t seen Italy at all. This Southern part of Italy is a clue to everything beautiful. It just begs reconnoitering…’

Best time and seasons to rendezvous with Sicily:

However, before renting boats in Sicily, it’s best to have a clear idea about its best visiting time and season.

  • Summer

April to mid-June is the peak-season for setting up your expedition. Clear skies with temperatures (25-28 degree C) and a languid atmosphere! It’s perfect for those seeking for a languid recuperation.

  • Monsoons

July- to end of Sep or start of Oct is another season which draws a lot of travel enthusiasts to Sicily. Temperatures range between (18-21 degree C) and cold gusts flow throughout. It’s perfect for adventurists, deep sea divers, snorkelers as well as fish watchers.

Winters are not ideal for traveling simply because the climate does get a bit uncomfortable and an uncongenial environ takes over.

Europe’s most alluring- Mediterranean Sea’s largest- An Eternal point where East acquaints with the West!

Availing holidays in Sicily by boat brings the promise of one unfathomable adventure. Its crystal waters, archetypical heritage, golden shores and volcanic islands- this place greats you with stupendous beauty and variety!

Taking up these boat rentals, you can explore the wonders of Zingaro Nature Reserve, sail across the Medieval Cefalu. Or you can simply ease out on the relaxing Cala Rossa shores in Favignana.

Other fab experiences which result via such rentals include partying on the Panarea Islands or cruising at about Stromboli volcanic regions.

Appeasing your crux by fathoming the magnificence of Mount Etna or enjoying water sports beneath the crystal azure waters of Taormina- yes relax, indulge and engage!

There is plenty to do and see and so you better start booking your boat before they get full.

Detailing Wheres’ and Dos’ of your epedition:

  • Boating to Zingaro Nature Reserve:

A boat trip across the shores of Palermo (W. Sicily) and heading at Zingaro Nature Reserve, seems the perfect escapade for scenic lovers and bird-watchers. Anchor down around 300 yards from the shore, dive into the fresh sea and swim with the waves.

Nearing the shore, do gaze at the ‘faraglioni’- rocky formations along with coastline. Previous visitors say it is an un-spoilt part of the region (all of its 7 miles). And hosts a myriad of caves, sea stacks, and tiny bays! It truly is nature’s sculpture taking form by wind and sea.

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  • Carouse at Cala Rossa in Favignana:

Favignana is only 5 miles away from Western Sicily and proves to be a paradise of underwater diving, snorkeling and gendering its bountiful marine life.

Taking up renting boats in Sicily ensures you a savor of its custom tuna fish- ‘Mattanza’ and dazzling dawn beyond its vista.

  • Summer boating in Panarea Island, Italy:

Locals say, it’s best for taking up boat trips or yacht voyages in Summer. In recent years or so, this amazing whereabout is famous for 2 things-

  • Its sight of Stromboli Island and its volcanic eruptions
  • And its trendiest parties in the Mediterranean region

It is a must include in your boat trip.

  • Siracusa- the most beautiful Sicily!

Incorporating rich Greek culture and a spectacular backdrop of Mount Etna, it’s again a place which invites you to dock your ‘Sailor’ and explore. The city also consists of amazing Boroque architecture under strong influence of Roman and Greek cultures during the day.

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Along with all this, you can simply end your action-pack day with a scrumptious Sicilian dinner. Some of its specialties include Panino con Milza, Dolcies (an exquisite desert) and fish cuisines done with special Sicilian recipe. And while you’re at it don’t forget to catch glimpse of its appeasing dusk.

To rendezvous with Italy’s best. You should look up for Sicily Boat Rentals now. Check at notable tour websites for quality and affordable tours and secure your place upon its deck. Its pure outline, its saggy tint and a harmonious unison of sea and sky! You will owe it for eternity! So book your boat now!


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