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April 5, 2021

Renting a yacht in Sciacca: why so hard to find?

Located in the province of Agrigento, on the west coast of Sicily, Sciacca is famous in addition to the national borders for its beautiful colored ceramics, historic carnival, and spas. Rich in Arab and Baroque contamination, Sciacca is the ideal destination for lovers of long sandy beaches, crystal clear sea and unspoiled nature.

Always a destination for “overland” tourism thanks to its strategic position, in recent years it has seen a significant increase in boat rental requests to explore and experience the Agrigentina coast “by sea”.

To date, the demand for yacht rental certainly exceeds the offer, the nearest, but still minor ports of Sicily, are in Marsala and Ragusa, where there are few boats. We offer our customers a medium-long-term charter, at least 10-14 days during which Sicily circumnavigates. It is the best solution not to miss precious days to reach the desired port. The combinations for a boat holiday circumnavigating Sicily are endless. Let’s give an example of medium-long-duration charters on board a charter yacht.

Circumnavigate Sicily on board a yacht: itinerary for 10-14 days

It starts from San Vito lo Capo (Trapani). This stretch of coast is appreciated above all for its proximity to the renowned ZingaroReserve, a protected natural area within which it is possible to come into contact with numerous plant and animal species. Being able to admire them from a boat is definitely the best way to capture all their magnificence. Then continue towards Favignana,pearl of theEgadi Islands. Another day to dedicate to this enchanting archipelago before making your way to beautiful Sciacca. The time it takes to swim refreshingly, enjoy the excellent food in some small restaurants, enjoy the worldly life of the islanders at the moonlight and then treat yourself to a moment at the port of Sciacca in the early hours of the morning. Rich in out-of-the-ordinary experiences, we start again for Realmonte. We will stop at Capo Rossello,sandy beach and the famous Scala dei Turchi with its white rock spur. The beauty of the landscape dazzles.

The provinces of Agrigento and Trapani are characterized by one of the most beautiful and varied coasts of Sicily. A prominent place occupy the beaches, very coveted for the finesse of the sands and the color of the crystal clear sea andthe uncontaminated marine environment.

The pace of the cruise is tight. We start again for Licata and then make our way to Syracuse and continue to Catania. The wonders to admire are endless, your captain will list what is worth a stop and what can respond to your idea of a holiday. It all depends on whether you are hungry for history or relaxation, or opt for both solutions. By renting a yacht and having several days you can reach many cities. A good organization and a gritty crew are the ingredients to make a fantastic tour, full of emotions and new experiences.

We leave Catania and its beauties, we reach the Aeolian Islandspassing through the Strait of Messina. It would not take a whole holiday to be able to admire the Aeolian archipelago. 7 islands, seven pearls of rare beauty. The journey is about to end, before reaching the majestic Palermo,weather permitting, we still recommend a stop. Our advice is to moor in Cefalù, defined as one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. Particularly characteristic is the seaside village, with the ancient houses facing the sea.

Flexible booking

Sicily Boat Rentals works every day to ensure the best experiences in total safety.

Contact our Charter Managers immediately, who operate locally and are available 24/7,to organize every detail of your holiday in Sicily,from the selection of the yacht, to the itinerary, assistance with transfers, galleys and every service requested.

If your destination is the Agrigentina coast then remember that the yachts available are not many and the most beautiful are the first to be rented.

If you do not want to waste time among a thousand agencies or browse dozens of catalogs then call Sicily Boat Rentals, together we will plan the best tour to the Agrigentina coast, with a Sciacca stop.

We guarantee services of the highest quality, meeting the highest standards and exceeding allexpectations.

Choosing to rent a yacht for a family holiday is the best choice to spend valuable time of relaxation and fun in complete safety.

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