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November 14, 2017

Salina boat rental services – Experience Aeolian Islands like never before!

sailina-boat-rental-servicesIs the calm blue Mediterranean water beckoning you? Do you want some days’ relief from the morbid humdrum of city life? The unpopulated island of Salina, the largest among the eight Aeolian Islands, can be your ideal destination. The European continental weather will offer you a peaceful respite to soothe your nerves and fondle your heart. Salina boat rental services are very common there and would take you on a fantasy tour amidst the lush green Aeolian mountains and calm Mediterranean water!

Get our professional and highly qualified Salina boat rental services

To add to your aesthetic pleasure, luxuriant grape vines and olive gardens will welcome you with a canvas of greens and purples.

How to get there?

The nearest ports to reach Salina are Santa Marina, Leni or Malfa. Sprawling yachts and Salina boat rental services are available from Naples, Palermo, Messina or Milazzo that will ferry you to this volcanic island. There are no airports in these Aeolian Islands, so boats are easily available and are extremely affordable.

salina-boat-rental-servicesInstead of spending cartloads for hotels and resorts, you must try living on the waters. They are equipped with all modern amenities.

Salina boat rental services

The best time to set foot in Salina – 

The Italian coast is famous for its pleasurable Mediterranean climate- pleasant summers and chilly winters. So, the best time to explore this part of southern Europe is during spring and summer. The months of May to September have maximum footfall and are usually the peak seasons.

If you are a summer person, then there’s nothing like basking in the mid-May sun on a Salina boat rental. Watch the soft white clouds give way to a clear starlit sky, with a glass of Marsala in one hand and a Paulo Coelho in the other. No wonder, such elusive moments will unfold new insights into life.

boat-rental-services-salinaHowever, if you want to charter Salina boat rentals during the chills of winter, even that is a marvellous idea. The vessel will have to breakthrough frozen coats and you can haul around the volcanic craters, sipping in the breathtaking view of the Aeolian mountains.

Procrastination is over. Book boat rental services in Salina today to make this Mediterranean dream come true!

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Choices for Salina boat rental services, what to know about sailing Salina

#1 Catamaran boat rental for a rocky ride-

A number of volcanoes throng the coasts of Salina and sailing through such rocky terrains call for a catamaran. These multi-hulled watercrafts are maneuvered for a stable ride even under the most lethal water forces.

catamaran-rental-services-salina#2 Jet Ski for the adventurous soul-

Skis are a kind of speed boat that allows maximum two people to ride on. You can charter jet skis for daytime from boat rental services. Enjoy a heart thumping journey on the azure waters of the Med Sea.

#3 Cruise on a sailboat-

The calm sea around Salina offers the idea condition for chartering sailboats. These can have ten to fifteen people on board and you can enjoy the warm sunrays from the comfort of an open deck. This is the ideal choice for a laid out, languid vacation.

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Sailing tips Salina: Eat, drink and make merry! 

That’s precisely what vacations and getaway are for. The sprawling yachts in Salina have professional chefs on board who will serve you the most exotic Aeolian delicacies. 

The inland Salina is replete with a number of hot springs and muddy coats. Bathing at these sites is a popular tourist activity, especially in summers. Anchor your boat and enjoy a walk through the lush green chestnut orchards and hosts of olive groves.

Salina boat rental services: Book the getaway

Be it the summer sun or the winter chill, Salina is always ready for a warm welcome to its tourists. To explore the exotic Aeolian Islands at unbelievably low price, book your Salina boat rental services today!

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