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September 16, 2021

Sicily and its islands, an unforgettable boat holiday


Sicily is one of the most important islands in Italy, recognized worldwide for its natural, architectural and gastronomic beauties. An island with a significant influx of tourists especially for those who choose to spend holidays on a boat, thanks to the climate and the clarity of the water. Sicily is certainly a popular destination for boat holidays, thanks to its wealth of heritage.

The most beautiful islands of Sicily, here are what they are

First of all, for the islands of Sicily we mean the set of archipelagos and smaller islands that constitute it. The Sicilian island is made up of 19 islands in Sicily, the largest of these is Pantelleria.

Three archipelagos we remember Aeolian, Egadi and Pelagie, within them the most famous are of Panarea, Stromboli, Lipari, Favignana, Levanzo, Lampedusa. Each of them deserves a holiday and maybe even a whole life but in this short guide we will show you a hypothetical boat holiday itinerary, the ideal would be to have many days available to live at least in each of them a couple of days.

The most beautiful islands of Sicily: Lampedusa

Lampedusa is absolutely one of the most beautiful islands in Sicily. An island rich in person with a unique soul and who would like to redeem the great value that encloses this land. Tourism in recent years has declined due to the well-known news events of the present day. Despite this, Lampedusa is a magnificent island. Here is one of the most famous beaches in the world and it was the giant Tripadvisor to crown the beach of rabbits as the most beautiful beach in the world!

The most beautiful islands of Sicily: Pantelleria

Pantelleria, Arco dell'Elefante

Pantelleria, the westernmost island of Sicily and with its 84 square kilometers is also the largest.
Its origin is volcanic, in fact there are still many phenomena of secondary volcanism. Famous is the“Mirror of Venus”,a small lake basin fed by thermal waters much appreciated by locals and tourists. In short, this island, of extraordinary beauty and wealth, preserves breathtaking coves and incredible views.

The most beautiful islands of Sicily: Favignana

Cala Rossa, Favignana - Sicilia - Italy

Favignana is part of the islands that make up the Egadi archipelago and is an island that boasts the greatest presence of sand and equipped beaches, free and even wild.

Among its most beautiful beaches certainly should be named and view Cala Rossa. Being able to spend a holiday in the Egadian archipelago is a privilege to be granted at least once in a lifetime.

The most beautiful islands of Sicily: Stromboli

The island of Stromboli, always nicknamed the black pearl of the Mediterranean, is characterized by high cliffs and beaches of black sand, with coves and caves, in contrast to the classic white houses of the Mediterranean. For those who love the wild sea and a new experience, out of the classic holiday style.

Here you can live emotions and unique experiences in an exclusive context. The view and the presence of the volcano are impressive, giving explosions during the night, a unique opportunity for a romantic proposal or for unique photographs.

The most beautiful islands of Sicily: Ustica

Ustica, Torre dello Spalmatore

Ustica is a pretty rocky island not far from Palermo, in fact it is located 30 miles north of the capital. Much of the island became a marine reserve a few years ago, so Ustica is the favorite destination for those who want to snorkel or simply a relaxing bath in its crystal clear and pristine waters. Rich in caves and coves as well as a precious marine fauna. Surely the best way to experience this island and see otherwise inaccessible places is by boat.

Boat rental service in Sicily

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