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January 7, 2021

The best beaches of the Aeolian Islands to discover during a charter


The archipelago of the Aeolian Islands is considered one of the most beautiful places globally, made up of seven islands of volcanic origin. These islands have strong and bright colors, very different from each other, but all enjoy an overwhelming beauty that makes anyone who visits them fall in love.

If you have decided to rent a boat for a tour to the Aeolian Islands, then we can tell you that you will find yourself sailing in crystal clear waters, a real corner of paradise.

In this mini-guide, we point out some of the most beautiful beaches of the Aeolian Islands.

Cala Junco, Panarea

Our charter starts from Panarea; Cala Junco is located in the Punta Milazzese area and is the most suggestive beach in Panarea. A natural cove of basalt rocks and pebbles with a sea of ​​colors ranging from emerald to blue.

Also, on the island of Panarea, there is another enchanting beach, Cala degli Zimmeri, also known as Red Beach for the sand’s color. Cala degli Zimmeri is the only sandy beach in Panarea. From the beach, through some steps, you can reach Capo Milazzese and the nearby bays. If you are spending a holiday aboard a rental boat, then the onboard skipper will suggest the best bays to visit, but not only that, he will also show you at what time it is best to see it to enjoy their splendor to the fullest.

White beach, Lipari

It is not easy to say which beach is more beautiful; in fact, each beach leaves the tourist entranced. But if we want to indicate one, then we can name White Beach. With its pumice sediment seabed, dark sand, and crystal clear sea, it is particularly popular with tourists, thanks to the always warm water.

Also, in Lipari, there is another noteworthy beach: Spiaggia di Acqua Calda. The pebble beach is in the north of the island in the homonymous village north of the island. It is topped by the splendid white mountain of pumice, one of the rare cases in Europe.

Pollara beach, Salina

In Malfa the most famous of the beaches of the Aeolian Islands: the beach of Pollara. Made famous worldwide thanks to the film ‘Il Postino’ shot and starring the late Massimo Troisi. The beach is easily accessible by sea but very uncomfortable by land where it is necessary to walk along an arduous path in a good half hour of walking. From the beach, you can enjoy one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world. It is the most popular destination ever by tourists. Admiring it on board a boat in Salina is a unique sensation.

Forgia Vecchia beach, Stromboli

Reachable only on foot, the beach is a small bay of black pebbles, immersed in the silence of Stromboli. But we must say that Stromboli is beautiful as a whole, we cannot mention only the beaches. This island deserves a stay on a boat of at least a couple of days to appreciate its real soul.

The Beaches of Vulcano, Vulcano

Among the beaches of Vulcano, it is worth mentioning the Spiaggia delle Acque Calde, which is in Porto di Levante, in the mud area. This beach is made of fine black sand, the Spiaggia delle Sabbie Nere, the Spiaggia dell’Asino, and the Gelso beach in Baia di Ponente. Here the sea is blue. Perhaps one of the most photographed seas by tourists.

This tour is exclusive of Sicily Boat Rentals, a leader in Sicily’s boat rental service. We are known for the excellence of tailor-made tours for the Aeolian Islands aboard our boats.

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