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August 3, 2021

Ustica, exclusive destination for a relaxing holiday by boat

vacanze relax ustica

Ustica, the marine reserve

Theisland of Ustica is located in the Tyrrhenian Sea about 30 miles northwest of Palermo,from here the Aeolian Islands are within easy reach. The natural feature of the island is the presence of numerous caves that open along the high and steep coasts, as well as numerous rocks and shochels present all around the island.

Ustica is the favorite destination for those who want to snorkel or simply take a bath in its clear waters, in fact much of the island has become a marine reserve.
In theMarine Protected Area of Ustica live and meet numerous species including the Posidonia oceanica, the brown grouper, tuna, amberjacks, snappers, barracuda, glances, as well as octopuses and lobsters, a true paradise under water.

A “black pearl” in the heart of the Mediterranean, far from the rest of Sicily, ideal for relaxing away from the chaos of the city.

In this short guide we will ‘accompany’ you only in some of the various coves and natural coves of the island.

Ustica, Torre dello Spalmatore

The 4 most beautiful beaches in Ustica

  • Caletta dello Spalmatore,
  • Lighthouse beach,
  • Cala Sidoti
  • Punta Galera.

Caletta dello Spalmatore

Natural and uncontaminated cradle where it is a must to abandon yourself and get lost in pure relaxation. The beach is located in the Spalmatore area, on the eastern border of the Marine Reserve.

The Torre dello Spalmatore, which is a few steps from the beach, is a real sighting fortress, majestic and of crucial importance for this small island immersed in the Mediterranean.

Lighthouse Beach

Spiaggia del Faro is one of the few equipped beaches in Ustica. A volcanic landscape, also here the possibility of snorkeling and diving. The lighthouse beach offers the possibility of bathing in a real natural swimming pool,enclosed between the rocks and communicating with the sea.

Cala Sidoti

Cala Sidoti is a cove with a beach formed by volcanic pebbles, worth a dip and an afternoon of pure relaxation. The bay is very wide and the water at the shore is not very deep.

Galera Peak

The bay of Punta Galera houses an enchanting cave, called a green cave that recalls an ancient Roman boat, from which the homonymous name comes to life.

The water in this place offers a variety of colors ranging from light turquoise to blue, a true paradise for lovers of underwater sports. You can discover the cave with all its millenary internal formations.


What to expect from a boat holiday in Ustica

Ustica is a truly unique island, a magical place where nature, sea and culture coexist to give a dream holiday in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea.

Our tips for ‘living’ aboard a rental boat are few but valuable. Obviously the first thing to consider when organizing a trip is to keep in mind how many days you have available so as not to overload the days with excursions or long trips. Another aspect to be clarified is whether you want to see the maximum from a holiday and therefore prefer short stays for each stage, or prefer to enjoy hours and days of absolute relaxation without being too conditioned by the travel itinerary.

We recommend choosing Ustica as a destination if you want to discover a wild side of Sicily,if you want to spend a holiday away from mass tourism and chaos and especially if you want to admire the scenery, enjoy the sea and the outdoors in absolute relaxation.

Ustica is the perfect destination for those who practice snorkeling and scuba diving, the seabed around the island is a real underwater museum, with amphorae, anchors and ancient finds, all to be discovered and admired.

For all lovers of diving and snorkeling this magical island offers an unparalleled natural environment. Transparent seabed, crystal clear water to see fabulous fish up close. In short, Ustica is the true paradise for diving lovers. An island where you can really live in symbiosis with the sun, the sea and nature, where you can discover the purity of the real sea of Sicily.

Sicily Boat Rentals organizes tours with exclusive services to enjoy a boat holiday in complete safety in the name of well-being and luxury.

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